Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 03: Your favorite television program

yeahh...yo...wassuppp3...(kna ada mood hip hop sket utk entry ni...) hahaha


tv program yg aku tggu tiap2 mggu kali ni..
slalu dok layan ngn bdk2 umh sewa,
skrg dh cuti, kna berebut ngn mak aku nk tgk cte hinjut2 ni..
apa yg hinjut2 ni???
semestinya, it's time for a....


setiap mlm RABU
host: Hafiz

Showdown 2010 is a one of kind dance crew reality show that’s taking it from the streets and search of Malaysia’s best dance crew. Join Hafiz Hatim as he takes a look at the culture surrounding Hip Hop. Crews from around the nation will be showcasing their stuff on the dance floor. Will the judges be nice? Malaysia’s Hip hop ambassador Joe Flizzow & all rounder dancer-extraordinaire Maple Loo helms the panel of judges. Episode 1 of the audition will see the passion and struggle of crews giving their all to get to the next stage and a step closer to the RM 50,000 prize. Prepare to be Entertained, Engaged and Educated.

dulu audition, x bape nk ikut sgt..
tp dh top 12, mcm bes n dh ketagih nk kna tgk jgk..

aku pun ada fav crew
msti nk kna tgk depa ni perform
crew mna??

WAKAKA (walau aku kalah aku kisah apa)
ada Alam yg mng "so u think u can dance"dlm kump ni..


GILLER BATTLE CREW (mmg giler ahh)
prnh msuk international comp kot..
mmg arr giller

hope dua2 kump ni, leh battle utk final nti...
huhu...GOOD LUCK...jom2 hinjut2 mlm rabu yeahhhh..r u ready??

get ready for the SHOWDOWN
get ready for the SHOWDOWN
yo..what's about to go down

yo..what's about to go..go down...!!!
(lagu BEP)

ni vdeo WAKAKA masa meltdown...

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