Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 14 — A non-fictional book

Discover English

Auhor: Zuriah Azmi (BEL lecturer at UiTM Arau..)

for those ex-diploma student might be familiar with this book...huhu...
There are 12 chapters which focus on GRAMMAR, READING & WRITING...
The grammar explanations are followed by exercise so that we can master the topic...
The chapter on reading contains exercise to develop and improve our basic readind skills
like skimming and scanning, using reference words and responding to WH questions..

seems like i'm in JOB HUNTING mood and lack of knowledge in grammar, poor ENGLISH
and also not very confident to speak in ENGLISH, hope this book will help me...yeah..hihi

actually, i had found and used this book not only to learn English




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  1. helo~ i nk tye la u nk jual x buku discover english! klu u jual i nk beli tapi dgn harga berpatutan la... klu nk jual email i urgent ek!